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Cleanse Your Cache™ offers events; sessions and workshops to fill your cup. 
Our clients report anti-aging benefits, pain relief, emotional balance, weight loss, better sleep, increased productivity and feeling peace and calm. 
We are dedicated to engage our clients along their wellness journey to renewal. 
We are thankful for the surprising and unexpected benefits clients receive. We are thankful for conversations and spaces shared.  We are thankful for the opportunities to grow and serve in interesting and safe environments.  





Cleanse Your Cache™ offers a quick easy, unique method scientifically proven to strengthen your resilience to manage anxiety, stress, and happiness.

Cleanse Your Cache™ participants report feelings of calm, motivation, increased productivity, happiness, and peace.

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Cleanse Your Cache™ is a unique system:

  • Scientifically Proven Methods

  • Based upon Neuroscience

  • Designed by Arlene J.M. Grant, Esq.  

Arlene, an artist, advocate, activist and "neuroscience nerd," applied her curiosity and litigator training - which demands commanding expert understanding to represent clients - to improve her recovery from traumatic brain and physical injuries. Arlene underwent speech, physical, vocational and vision therapies. However, Arlene dramatically improved when she researched and tested principles of science upon herself. Arlene learned how to walk again, end migraines and stuttering induced by trauma, and improve her sight. And, she learned how to relieve the challenges of stress and anxiety due to her injuries. The Cleanse Your Cache™ method is the result. 

Arlene delivered her Cleanse Your Cache™ method training to artists, advocates and activists being aware of the importance of self-care while volunteering to: free immigrants from cages and to reunite families, lobby and testify in support of immigrants justice legislation; help underserved members of society; tutor and advocate for children; end gun violence; secure food, environmental, racial and social justice; provide conflict resolution and communication training; and to protect wild horses. 

Arlene offered these sessions and workshops - free - aware that artists, advocates and activists often place greater emphasis on helping others than themselves. And, in some cases,  the costs of self-care are not within the economic reach of those in need.

Participants from England, Germany, Israel, Japan, Nigeria, Scotland, Slovenia, South Africa and across the United States joined Arlene's events, sessions and workshops providing favorable responses and feedback. The need for self-care is great.  With the data received, Arlene is confident in the ability of Cleanse Your Cache™ to help others. 

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Cleanse Your Cache™ replenishes you empowering resilience. Our system offers multisensory techniques to relieve anxiety and stress. Cleanse Your Cache™ empowers rather than overloads your brain to create quick shifts and breakthroughs to strengthen your resilience, which sets it apart from other programs. 

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"HOT Ticket!" - K.B.

"Groundbreaking!" - H.R. 

"Thanks for a beautiful way of starting my Sunday am once again ~ loved the raccoon images and how you used them to teach. Such a wonderful group of people from around the world! Fun to meet your drummer from Scotland!"- T.W.

"The morning session was healing and powerful." - P.L. 

"It takes 1.5 hours of yoga to get the same feeling in 15 minutes." - J.R.

"That was wonderful and I feel so good right now. Thank you again." - A.P.

"That was lovely and enlivening. Just the right amount of everything. Bless You x" - P.J.D.

"I definitely found some relaxation! I was able to get into a relaxed, quiet and contemplative state more quickly than I would've guessed." - S.A. 

"I really love your spirit. I love how you are making these principles accessible and an easy point of entry for anyone, anywhere." - J.S. 

"Great energy to start the day with this group. I appreciate how your guidance has added self-care to my mindfulness." - K.B.

"I really like the fish session. It really helped me to calm down. I cannot sleep for many reasons. So when I listen to your voice it is so calming. I am learning how alone I can calm down. I want to see more images that are calming and nurturing for the eye and mind. So, your sessions really help." - V.C.

"I was at peace and feeling light." - M.B.

"In Simply Meditation 15, Self-Care Sunday 30 and Artful Affirmations and Conversations, Arlene creates a bubble where care and love for yourself, the natural world, and your community reverberate. I am not someone who easily gets into meditation, but Arlene's genuine love and passion for self-care and peace make it totally natural to get in a headspace of calm, and reorient towards joy and fulfillment and away from stress. She also has a bunch of exercises for tapping into that headspace, which she explains super clearly and makes very accessible. She also builds these practices into a bigger philosophy around self-care, which is built from her experiences in art, activism and service. I cannot recommend these workshops enough!" - J.S. 

"I want you to know how much I appreciated your service. You have such a calming voice and presence about you, and are skilled at keeping your audience engaged. (For someone who hates zooming, I temporarily forgot that I dislike the medium ! )" -K.L.

"Arlene is an excellent facilitator, who uses an interesting combination of exercises in her self-care workshops. I felt more relaxed after her sessions." - S.P.

"Thank YOU so much for bringing your expertise and passion about self-care to the service tonight. I enjoyed the way you presented your points with humor as well as giving us the information you wanted to impart." - E.E.

"Its a wonderful feeling, that I am feeling, right now...Much love from Nigeria." - D.I.

"Thank you so much...Your heart is very sincere. It seems like I'm talking face-to-face with you." - B.W. 

"The meeting really spoke to me. I was attacked and got injuries including brain trauma and broken bones. So this was pretty personal and I didn't expect that. It was amazing and I was able to connect. I just have anxieties and didn't expect to have the video option. I went for it and everything was fine so thanks for that as well." - M.R.

"That was Great! The Healing Meditation was exactly what I needed. That day, after busy months - thank GOD, Arlene designed an amazing way of combining the theoretical physical, mental and spiritual with practical tools. As a result, we experienced peace and harmony. I will, of course, come to the next event." - Y.L. 

"Thank you so much, Arlene, for a very lovely addition to our Shabbat service! You did a fabulous job!" - Rabbi D.H.

"Arlene, you have changed my life today. It’s very difficult to put into words at this moment, but you have. My gratitude is beyond words." - P.T.

"Yesterday was one of the most restful, ReJewVinating services for me in the last year. Thank you." - M.W. 

"I lately have not had moments to rest or be in quiet to look at my inner self. Today's activity was just the highlight of my week. Blessing to you." - K.R. 



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We're Growing and Welcome Your Support! 

Cleanse Your Cache™ is a breakthrough self-care formula resolving needs for connection, happiness, productivity, and wellness.  Cleanse Your Cache™ offers unique and original events, sessions and workshops that reach diverse cultures, backgrounds and vocations across the Globe.  

Cleanse Your Cache™ - since its beginning in the Fall of 2020 - made a positive impact upon  participants in England, Germany, Israel, Japan, Nigeria, Scotland, South Africa and the United States. We will increase our impact in 2021 with your support. 

In addition to donations, we welcome connections to persons and organizations that may benefit from the Cleanse Your Cache™  system. And, we welcome connections to funding sources.