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Cleanse Your Cache™, an unexpected surprise paved through my life experiences and efforts to heal myself using neuroscience and medical research, birthed as a solution taught across the World as a result of conversations during the pandemic. 

I volunteered for most of this year, more than typical, because of the need presented and being with additional time -  like many of us. 

I'm a proven transformational advocate, leader, coach and motivator skilled in building diverse, meaningful relationships and coalitions across the Globe. 

I work in lockstep with my clients, colleagues and causes that align with my values to protect families, communities, and populations - especially the vulnerable and overburdened. 
I am a strong communicator advocating with awareness and sensitivity to the needs and concerns of individuals, animals, businesses and the environment.  

I engaged with many artists, activists and  advocates with food, environmental, immigration, racial and social justice issues. 
Common threads and concerns presented with the need for relief from anxiety and stress.  I also observed expressed needs to feel less tired and more inspired. These issues presented in my volunteer circles and throughout my social media feeds - nearly everyone complained of these symptoms. 

The Citizens Climate Lobby DC Chapter offered a forum and opportunities to share my experience and workshops, now known as Cleanse Your Cache™.  

Due to demand and feedback, I offer scalable spaces of healing through technology, which allows me to engage with others in an interesting and safe online environment to Cleanse Your Cache™.


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