Comfort Food

Butternut Hummus Comfort Tray

Today I needed to get my legumes, veggies and fruit quickly and for some extra comfort.

Ingredients: 1 cup of Butternut Squash chopped with seeds 1/3 Jalapeno 1/2 Lemon peeled 3/4 cup Water 1 – 15.5 oz can of drained Chickpeas 1 – small Apple sliced 1 – Garlic clove sliced Garnish with spring onion and cilantro


1. Steam Butternut Squash in Water until tender on medium heat 2. Drain excess water from Cooked Butternut Squash and enjoy real vitamin water 3. Add drained Chickpeas and Butternut Squash to food processor 4. Add Apple, Garlic, Lemon and splash of drained Chickpeas water to food processor 5. Blend til smooth at lower variable speeds

You may have to stir and blend for 1 to 3 minutes depending upon your food processor. I used an older Vitamix.

Cut veggies and fruit for your comfort tray and add crackers or matzah. If you want extra flavor, sprinkle old bay or spices. But, try the hummus before you do.

This recipe is vegan and oil free. Super delicious. I created this with children of all ages in mind. And, it was right on time as another Mom called in need.

I welcome your @favchef support and ask for your vote. It helps me and those who call like the Mom from immigration detention today.

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