Enjoy Life!

“Slow down and enjoy life. It’s not only the scenery you miss by going too fast – you also miss the sense of where you are going and why.” Eddie Cantor


As we are in this reset together, slowing down will help you to authentically be who makes you happy. I know that slowing down - unintentionally - empowered me to reconnect to my mission of where I'm going and why.

I started out last year thinking I would help people with my arts and books. The pandemic changed that. My volunteer work with climate advocacy and children shifted. Schools closed created a void and galleries closed created another void.

As much as art is a lift to our spirits and books ignite imagination - I felt to be in a more intimate space of helping. I found myself volunteering to help people manage the pandemic. That volunteer work expanded from my podcast, to then include picking up my law license - put to the side - to free immigrants detained by ICE and reunite families. I then added volunteering with the election to get people to the polls - 💙 - and I noticed the fatigue impacting many. Then, I volunteered my way to a place of exhaustion.

I had to slow down. I slowed to implement self-care techniques I learned to recover from allergies, injuries and traumatic brain injuries. These techniques researched and supported by science became a way to share with others from my lesson of over-extending myself. I love helping people. I had to love helping me.

I started helping fellow activists, advocates and artists with self-care, Cleanse Your Cache™ was born through my volunteer relationship with the @citizensclimatelobbydc

Now, Cleanse Your Cache™ sessions, events and workshops evolved to include a larger community to include doctors, therapists, professors, lawyers, mediators, scientists, engineers, tech professionals, educators, musicians and more from the US to England, Germany, Israel, Japan, Nigeria, Scotland, Slovenia, South Africa.

I love what I do and that slowing down allowed me to help others and myself. I hope you'll check out and drop in for Cleanse Your Cache™ experiences.

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