Self-Care includes Food Rituals. I use meditation in my process of cooking. The food tastes better and I receive comfort as well as nutrition to lead a healthy lifestyle and Cleanse Your Cache™. Most importantly the health lifestyle allows me to show up for my life and help others.

Cooking has been a passion since childhood. When my Dad first had cancer, I began to cook and focus upon the medicinal benefits of food. He recovered. I helped others with food and received encouragement to open a restaurant. I may.

Before restaurant planning beyond my heart, I volunteer freeing detainees from cages and reuniting families. That work is not easy, but I’m thankful that during the pandemic, I learned immigration law and rediscovered my passion for medicinal cooking and comfort.

The passion to create my ultimate love signature recipe, GuacWaffles was born from my desire to get my client stuck in Mexico into the US. I’m glad that in the same week – she was admitted to the US after being denied reentry due to the pandemic and a recipe inspired by my fight to reunite her with her child in the US debut!

I welcome your support and vote! Please also share. The Fav Chef competition information is below.

Breathe Well,


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