Laughter is Medicine

Laughter also builds your Resilience. Our patent-pending system incorporates laughter meditation in the tools and education delivered during Cleanse Your Cache™ sessions and workshops.

Arlene J.M. Grant, Esq. used the power of laughter and developed Cleanse Your Cache™ after becoming a "neuroscience nerd." following traumatic brain injuries and a random attack. Arlene had physical injuries but the invisible injuries required recovery of speech, memory, and vision as well as learning to walk a straight line.

Arlene received physical, vocational, speech and vision therapies, however, these treatments did not resolve the trauma and injuries sustained. To aid in her recovery, Arlene researched her symptoms and science. As a litigator, lawyers are tasked to become "experts" to argue facts and law for clients. Arlene had to learn the facts of brain function and become her own expert to heal.

Arlene shares in Cleanse Your Cache™:

· multisensory techniques to replenish and build your Resilience Bank

· scientifically proven methods help you manage your reaction to stress

· approaches to maintain health and wellness

· skills to realize success in personal and professional commitments

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