Love Bees?

World Bee Day

It was yesterday, but it is important to still honor the Bee.

For those unaware, bees help the environment to thrive.

Did you know?

1. Bees are smart enough to create tools to protect themselves? Their efforts to keep murder hornets away with fecal spotting helped scientists figure out how to manage the murder hornets.

2. Bees are able to communicate through dance.

3. Bees also dance to help with their decision-making.

4. Bees will attack plants for food to prompt flowering nectar as a way to survive and adapt to climate change.

5. Honey, which is naturally and ethically sourced, from bees helps heal due to antibacterial properties.

6. Balance the ecosystem.

7. Bee Pollination creates shelter and food for animals and insects.

Bees are also a great reminder to Be Yourself 💛

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