Self-Care as Health Care

On Friday, I will share about the importance of Self-Care as Health Care during the Kabbalat Shabbat Human Rights Service of Congregation Beit Tikvah, where I serve as the Avodah/Worship Leader.

In some faith communities, there is a belief that life is about self-denial. Fasting is an act of denial - but it is not an act of denying self. It is an act of communion, prayer and relationship to strengthen self.

Self-denial, independent of what one considers sin - harming self or others - is inconsistent with faith in the ONE who created you! In order for you to come into this World, many scientific factors must take place. These factors must come together in ways some consider miraculous. So why deny the factors and miracles that made you - you.

You are not a mistake, made by accident or random. You hold value and importance. And, the CREATOR allowed you to come into this World because of your value. Self-Care protects and often reveals your value.

Self-Care allows you to use your talents and gifts. Self-Care allows you to share your value with the World. Self-Care allows you to live your purpose.

Consider yourself to be a temple. A place where you wish to welcome positive energy, love or Your CREATOR. Your temple would be most welcoming if it was in good condition. That condition does not require you to be perfect. That condition is attainable.

The body is made to place you in such a condition. We have years of mistreatment of the mind, body and spirit which manifests in generations. Some call these ills - sin or curses. Evaluating whether a condition is a product of sin or curses, isn't my focus. My focus is on helping you raise your LUV vibration to exercise self-care.

To truly exercise self-care, the most important factor is love. If you cannot love yourself, it is impossible to love another person, thing, being or deity. A failure to have perfect love results in an imperfect reflection of how you relate to and see yourself being cast and projected upon others and the World.

To perfect love of self, self-care is not optional. It is as important as Health Care. Our self-care method involves meditation. It is a technique which provides both balance and strength. It requires a certain stillness.

In the Torah and Bible, that stillness is meditation. In different faiths and secular programs, the stillness has the same name, but may be practiced differently.

Cleanse Your Cache™ is not about summoning and manifesting ancestors or divining. We welcome LOVE and we surrender and release what does not serve our well-being.

You're invited to join our LUV Community. We offer a judgment-free zone of people committed to a healing, safe space.

We do not offer clinical therapy, but you may receive therapeutic benefits. These benefits are particularly true for persons experiencing non-clinical anxiety and non-clinical depression.

Our Self-Care Sunday 30: Cleanse Your Cache™ meets on Sundays at 10am EST. This session is complementary and exclusively available to artists, activists and advocates.

Additional sessions and workshops are available and coming soon.

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