Self-Care in Israel...

Today, I Zoomed to donate my Self-Care program to a group based in #Israel with people attending from around the World. They requested I offer my program again. I agreed suggesting in 4 weeks. They asked that I come back in 2 weeks! So glad to receive reports of chronic pain relief, relief from trauma and #happiness.

Due to interest and the needs expressed, I created a new session. We also have a new website:

Welcome to Cleanse Your Cache™ is our introductory group session. We offer you 30 complementary minutes via ZOOM. This session is available once, every four weeks, at 7:00 pm EST.

Cleanse Your Cache™ offers multisensory techniques to replenish and build your Resilience Bank. Our scientifically proven methods help you manage your reaction to stress and anxiety; maintain health and wellness; and realize success in personal and professional commitments to show up, empowered, for life.

We start promptly at 7pm EST. The waiting room opens at 6:55 pm EST.

We offer a judgment-free zone to promote safety and renewal. We do not record the session and confidences are preserved. To maximize the opportunities for healing and building resilience we close admission at 7:05 pm EST.

We welcome you to attend only one complementary introduction session per calendar year. This session is not exclusive to artists, advocates and artists. All are WELCOME.

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