Self-Care is Activism

Hi LUVs,

"Self-Care is a form of Activism. In order to take care of others, we must take care of ourselves first." - Common

Common posted today on Sunday about the importance of self-care. It is an act of "Activism" to stand for yourself so that you able empowered to stand with others and to help others stand. So glad to see him make this point. He is in a position to influence lives and save lives. Self-Care saves lives.

This morning, in our Cleanse Your Cache™ session, I taught about the importance of self-love. And, I believe that love, for self and others, produces resilience. Through resilience, we have the ability to create a Culture of Love and a more sustainable World.

I hope you'll visit register for our Session on December 29 at 7pm EST or our Raise Vibration Happy Hour! on December 31 at 5pm EST.

Both the session and event are free and on Zoom, with limited tickets available.

Private sessions and group events are available upon request.

Be Well.

Much LUV & Respect,


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