Self-Care Summer Checklist

The weekend closed with the @cleanseyourcache Self-Care Summer Checklist for Wellness.

This weekend was amazing to help a veteran recovering from cancer, a trauma survivor and teach two group sessions of Self-Care Sunday 30.

The veteran had a problem with sleep. His sleep was decreasing. After our one-hour session - where he had a major breakthrough - he was able to increase his sleep by 30 minutes and felt calmer and relaxed.

The trauma survivor had an interesting experience that she described so beautifully. It addressed a deep healing and I have to get her permission to share.

I am thankful that a new therapist came to me for help today. Her family member, a neurologist and sleep physician referred her.

I’m thankful I’ve been able to connect with so many and help so many through Cleanse Your Cache.

My weekend sessions rounded out with one of my dearest friends in New Zealand. Because of him, I’m a bigger advocate for the environment. He taught me much.

I introduced him to Cleanse Your Cache with a meditation and he loved it! I actually help an environmentalist in New Zealand with Cleanse Your Cache, but didn’t share with my friend for some reason beyond time zones. I think I wanted to be sure I could deliver the best to him. I did. When you have people who inspire change in your life, I think you offer only your very best to them in gratitude.

The checklist is a guide reminder and I offer it in gratitude wishing you great wellness and prep for a simmering summer of self-care and self-love.

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