Self-Care Sunday 30: Cleanse Your Cache™

This morning, I taught another Self-Care Sunday 30: Cleanse Your Cache™ via Zoom to spring forward.

I shared a new meditation focused upon the power of an insect. I never use insects in meditations. It was a first. And, it had a surprising impact for the participants and me.

As we are now in spring, I encourage those wanting to move forward to harness the words of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. He is among my favorite poets. I love Goethe because he tasted all of life that served his best self and others.

Goethe, if you are unfamiliar, was an artist, critic, poet, playwright, novelist, philosopher, scientist, statesman, and theatre director - he did much and well. I purpose to do the same.

This week consider 3 things that will propel your life forward and create a plan to get there. As a helper, you may be focused on propelling others forward. That is wonderful. At the same time, remember you.

I forgot about me in the year of volunteering and I realize that even with self-care to maintain the energy to serve, I was not propelling me forward. I'm thankful for those served across the globe and freed, now I'm thankful to serve me.

There are a few immigration matters lingering for people helped, but I cannot maintain or move forward unfunded any longer. 100% success rate makes the sacrifices worth it.

I received a "thank you note" from the family of Mom reunited after 16 months on Thursday last week. She was sad that I placed 3rd in the #favchef #hero group. She knew my plan was to use the WIN to fund my service to others. It did not happen. But, I'm so thankful for the support as I take a step forward to help myself.

Not my horse photography, but the horse is one of my loves and helped society move forward.😍

Breathe Well,


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