Updated: Jan 5

Sleep is an important piece of the puzzle for wellness. You may not fully understand the benefits of sleep. I didn't. My Dad and Mom gave us early bedtimes and we protested. We wanted to grow up and not miss life going on around us.

I learned sleep is our friend. My lesson came after a traumatic brain injury. My brain wanted to sleep. I had no choice but to listen. There was an unexpected result - beyond recovery from the injury.

I noticed that I had physical improvements. Calmer. Increased productivity. Happier. Dark circles disappeared from my eyes. Mitral valve prolapse resolved. Healthier skin. Wrinkles disappeared. And, more.

In my creation of the Cleanse Your Cache™, I studied my rituals of self-care, science and conducted beta testing. Participants, from England, Germany, Israel, Japan, Scotland, South Africa and across the United States, regardless of profession or culture, experience similar results Cleanse Your Cache™.

The Cleanse Your Cache™ helps people relax and sleep. Improving your sleep will provide you with the benefits people spend on billion dollar industries to achieve.

Cleanse Your Cache™ is a real solution. I'm thankful my parents had sleep as a priority. Now, sleep is one of my priorities. And, Cleanse Your Cache™ is your invitation to sleep.

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