SUPPER with Chef Marcel! is a new level of LUV

Cleanse Your Cache™ engaged with Chef Marcel to bring my vision of food + meditation in a virtual setting to life. It was LUV! Love, unity and vision.

And, it was a first to be repeated - I discovered Chef Marcel on social media through Giselle, the Branding Professor, as I admired a dish she enjoyed virtually. Giselle encouraged me to hire Chef Marcel.

When an effective way came to mind on how to work with Chef Marcel, SUPPER with Chef Marcel! became a reality.

As Tu B'Shvat opened a second New Year - when the sap of trees begin to flow - I stepped beyond fear into reality from imagination. Thank you Giselle.

And, Thank You, Chef Marcel! I'm excited to continue next month and I'm glad we proceeded from nothing to something. You're an amazing chef and extremely kind and generous teacher. Your commitment to your family and others was and is a bonus gift to observe.

Next week, I'll post the highlights from Supper with Chef Marcel! It was so good - I've been told I'm a restaurant grade chef and was chosen to join the first Master Chef with Gordon Ramsey, years ago 😊 (story for another day) yet I learned so much!

We also covered wine pairing and Chef Marcel - offered great options for white and red wine. Chef Marcel also surprised us with a banana split with homemade probiotic yogurt, berries and granola. Sigh.

The night ended with an energetic meditation and it involved a moment of love. Practiced in a new way, which will further advance the programming of Cleanse Your Cache™.

Breathe LUV!

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