TALES and Teremana

TALES with Drinks by PJ! invites you to the virtual bar to make the Perfect Tequila Smash without artificial ingredients, Meet New People, and Share TALES and Teremana on January 21 at 6:30 pm! We have a Smash Virgin Option, too!

Did you know Tequila has health benefits? Lower Glucose Levels, Cleanses the Colon, Aid in Weight Loss, Helps Fight Dementia and more. But, remember to have tequila in moderation and these benefits apply to 100 agave Tequila. Check in with your healthcare provider or research available on "Dr. Google".

Get your ticket for our Barstool Chat with DMV celebrity mixologist, Drinks by PJ!

Register today for your exclusive ticket to enjoy moments from Behind the Bar. The minimum suggested donation of $35 advances the work of Cleanse Your Cache™ to promote wellness, helps Drinks by PJ! and other bartenders impacted by the pandemic. 10% of each TALES ticket donation benefits the USBG National Charity Foundation to help bartenders in need.

Your donation also gets you admission into our interactive event as well as a tequila menus to provide recipes and inspire your mixology skills for wellness.

This Zoom Event is Available to 21+ only and Please Drink Responsibly.

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