TALES was a Success!

So happy to have created a unique vision of TALES with Drinks by PJ! The West Coast and East Coast to came together for real conversation "barstool chats", mixology and energetic meditation.

It isn't typical to experience energetic meditation and alcohol in the same event. But, it happened and it will happen again.

We had great stories and information exchanged. It was like being in a bar - not everyone visits a bar for just a drink. Everyone agreed the best part was meeting new people.

PJ provided a custom - Tequila Smash featuring all natural ingredients with a virgin option that received the "thumbs up" - yes, he made it at home during the event! And, he used the grocery list, but improvised because he forgot an ingredient! Typical grocery adventures.

PJ also covered items you want to have to stock your bar at home! And, we had to pivot as she could not locate Teremana! She opted instead for Espolon and gave a lesson on Tequilas.

I continued the education experience addressing health benefits of the products used and especially in 100 agave Tequila.

Our night cap was energetic meditation! It was perfect and next month, TALES returns. Stay tuned.

Drink Responsibly and Be Well!


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