Tea & Cakes™: New Zealand

Have you been looking at the inspiration in your midst? I posed this question to our Self-Care Sunday 30. It made the challenges of the past week easier to bear. I'm happy that I was able to conduct four sessions of Cleanse Your Cache™ last week.

The first, Self-Care Sunday 30, a private group meeting each week from 10:00 am - 10:30 am, EST. This group began as the first Cleanse Your Cache™ independent of groups supported. It is a cross-section of people representing England, Scotland, South Africa and across the United States.

The second, Welcome to Cleanse Your Cache™, which takes place Tuesday evenings at 7:00 pm - 7:30 pm, EST. Feel free to register for this complementary session. It helps you with balance - anti-aging, better sleep, weight loss, improved mood and happiness. We've reached people across the United States and as far as Japan.

The third, for the DC Chapter of the Citizens Climate Lobby for Calm, a 15 minute Cleanse Your Cache™ session. It was a great group as we typically attract like-minded people. But, one participant shared, "It takes 1.5 hours of yoga to get the same feeling in 15 minutes." That was awesome!

The fourth session supported a private group of activists experiencing grief and trauma. That session was amazing and specific to trauma recovery. We witnessed healing and releases from stress induced bell's palsy improving to a back popping during the energetic meditation to resolve chronic back pain. There's much more from this past week and I look forward to the new sessions in the current week.

One of the rituals you may use to improve your health is tea! Cleanse Your Cache™ shares Tea & Cakes™, a Monday ritual, to help you learn about the benefit of tea and new cultures. This week, we went to New Zealand - via Google. Enjoy!

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Take Good Breaths,


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