Tea & Cakes™: Jamaica

Welcome to today's Tea & Cakes™ - a Monday Self-Care Ritual from Cleanse Your Cache™.

This week we traveled to Jamaica, a land of my parents and with a history that flows through my veins. I embrace my multicultural heritage and the #Arawak spirit that understood the importance of teas and wellness.

I hope those who embrace their Jamaican heritage will enjoy this ritual filled with nostalgia and gratitude. Nostalgia for the simple beauty of an island of greatness.

🇯🇲 is extremely beautiful. And, it's tea culture is so unique as the largest tea consumer in the Caribbean, I featured two legends - hibiscus and cerasee teas.

The two legends are two must haves and reflect parts of life. And, each has healing opportunities though one may be less enjoyable that the other. Let me know if your are familiar with these treasures or toto - a delicious cake often accompanying tea.

I smile as I remember toto, hibiscus teas and talks with those who helped shape me with a commitment to help others be well and love. Everything is #irie.

Take Good Breaths and Breathe Well,


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