Tea & Cakes™: Mexico

Tea & Cakes made a trip to Mexico! Or more accurately, I'm inspired to share about Mexican Tea Culture after freeing my volunteer immigration law client from the border and securing her entry into the United States! Soon, she will reunite with her child - stolen by an American couple.

So, after my client's Valentine day rescue, I taught a group based in Israel with members around the World to Cleanse Your Cache. One member was from Mexico! I knew then Mexico was today's destination.

I've personally traveled to Mexico three times, but never for the tea- but I've had tea in Mexico. Mint tea is quite popular. But, I learned more about the indigenous culture influence in teas and amazing medicinal benefits!

Poleo tea is one of the many herbal teas. Just remember to use caution on how much herbal products used to make your tea, which can be potent and harmful if abused.

Mexico is also known for Mexican Tea Cakes - I have yet to experience, but I'm willing to try.

Have you been to Mexico? I've visited Cancun, Cozumel and Tijuana. The most fun was off-roading in Cozumel. Next, the Jazz Festival in Cancun.

I'd love to hear your stories of Tea and Cakes - Mexico and beyond.

Until next time. Breathe Well and make room for Tea!!!

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