I could tell you about the impact and success of Cleanse Your Cache™. But, I’d like people who experienced my program to do so. Please watch the video.

#cleanseyourcache returns this Sunday with TWO 30 minute complementary sessions.

The first, Self-Care Sunday 30: Cleanse Your Cache™, is at 10am EST is designed for #artists , #activists and #advocates.

The second, Welcome to Cleanse Your Cache™, at 7pm EST is for EVERYONE. This session is only available once every four weeks.

This unique program is based upon science with reports of relief of #anxiety, #depression, and chronic back pain.  People also report better #sleep, feelings of #calm and #happiness.


“I definitely found some relaxation! I was able to get into a relaxed, quiet and contemplative state more quickly than I would’ve guessed.” – S.A.  

“I was at peace and feeling light.” – M.B.

“I want you to know how much I appreciated your service. You have such a calming voice and presence about you, and are skilled at keeping your audience engaged. (For someone who hates zooming, I temporarily forgot that I dislike the medium ! )” -K.L.

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