Wednesday Wisdomm

“You Deserve all the Space in the world to Breathe.” - Lizzo

@lizzobeeating did something interesting that made the news. Kind of normal. But, this time the reason for making the news was extraordinary and more important than an award show or performance.

Lizzo embraced her body and, in particular, her stomach. She spoke words of love and acceptance to her stomach. She spoke gratitude to her stomach. She even massaged and blew a kiss to her stomach. Lizzo explained she wished at one time to cut off the stomach so disliked. The transformation to love something about your body so deeply from hate to love is beautiful.

Speaking words of gratitude and love to yourself is a great act of radical self-love and self-care.

The message was further transforming with a gift she spoke to herself - deserving to breathe. It may seem simple, but it isn't always.

I created Cleanse Your Cache™ - a self-care multisensory program to help people breathe. Today, I helped a woman in the UK and a man in Washington State, USA - many miles apart in life and distance - yet each believed they were undeserving of their breath. We worked beyond the feelings as they practiced energetic meditation and other techniques.

At the end of their individual sessions, the artist was ready to paint again. And, a long haul COVID sufferer recovered from her symptoms after one session following 9 months of struggle. I'm thankful to be able to see the beauty of breath.

Embrace Lizzo's message. Breathe. In fact, Take Good Breaths. You deserve it.

Thank you Lizzo!