Your Power

"You alone are enough.

You have nothing to prove to anybody.”

Maya Angelou, PhD

As you continue growing and being true to yourself, remember that You are entitled to Own Your Power.

There are variables that distract and attempt to contract you and your exercise of power. That #power may just be owning your #identity.

It is time to surrender attempts to limit you. The limiting beliefs of others should not define you. Allowing others to define you, limits you to what they can imagine for you. You are more than the validation of another. The truth is you are enough.

The greatest #validation comes from within.

Sometimes, you have to Cleanse Your Cache™ to connect with your self. Understanding how to connect with self unlocks your true power. This "power" uplifts you and vibrates #positivity around you.

Cleanse Your Cache™ is about helping you unlock your true power.

Tonight our Welcome to Cleanse Your Cache™ returns at 7pm EST.

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